Important Course Information

  1. Please do not make any travel or accomodation arrangements if you are not taking the course with a pick up from home. Please do not book time off work until you have spoken to your appointed instructor and discussed and confirmed your schedule, all bookings are a provisional start date until confirmed with your driving instructor. Should an instructor be unavailable for your desired start week, we would automatically search for a start the following week until the course is allocated.
  2. Your provisional photocard has to be presented on the first and last day of your driving course to the instructor, plus it also needs to be taken and presented to the test centres when taking the theory test and practical test. Failure to remember this important documentation will mean you cannot take the test you are attending and any lesson time, test fees etc will unfortunately be lost.
  3. Total course time includes the time it takes for the driving test and dropping you off at home at the end of the test day (typically the final hour if the test centre is local to your home). There is no additional charge for the use of the car on the test.
  4. Refreshment breaks form a part of your daily tuition period, you cannot drive for 5 hours straight so a small break or two will be arranged during each session to allow for a drink, quick bite to eat or toilet break. Times would be mutually agreed with the instructor.
  5. Theory tests will normally be arranged outside of driving lesson time, so you will make your own way there, so that you do not have to use valuable lesson time to be taken there, unless you specifically request this on booking the hours in with your instructor.
  6. Theory test and practical test dates are subject to DVSA availablity, they will be scheduled as close as possible to the required test date / times, by our booking team.
  7. Please disclose any special requirements on the note page of the booking form E.G height / size issues or any disability so that we can offer the best service possible when setting the course up for you.
  8. Full terms and conditions should be read HERE prior to any booking being made.