Q) Are the test fees included in the price?

Yes, our quote is included with all prices along with test fees. There are no hidden charges in our list.

Q) Do you need help with theory training?

u drive intensive provide classroom training to cover both the Theory + Hazzard Perception test. we use a variety of teaching methods inclusing the use of visual aid, photos, videos, live illustrations, diagrams, use of props and interaction.

Q) Do you help with theory revision?

There are 1000 questions in the theory database, complete revision will take a lot of time. We recommend you to give 2 minutes per question for revision. Our driving instructors always assist you in a precise way, they let you know the complete theory in the car too.

Q) How does your course work?

As soon a deposit has been paid, you and your instructor agree a start date, which is Monday. The instructor will provide pick up service from your directed place every day. The in car tutoring would be done during the week, Monday to Friday (3 – 6 hrs per day). The exact daily times are fixed when the driving instructor calls and books you in. Please do not book any time off work until you have stated and agreed the dates and times with your instructor. If a theory test is compulsory, we book it for Monday or Tuesday afternoon, so that you take it after your driving lesson that day with the instructor.

Q) What if I fail my theory test?

If you fail in theory test, so the driving instructor will continue to train you. He will help you till achieving the best possible standard within the hours. We will book the theory test for you again at £35, it is included with the cancellation finding service for late in the same week (if possible) or the following week, it all depends on local theory test availability, or for £25 you can rebook it yourself on the standard waiting list on GOV.UK, and check for cancellations yourself, and we will await you to contact us once you have passed the theory.

Q) What if I fail the practical test?

This is a fact that no one can confirm you a license after the 1st test, our instructors do their best to get you pass for the very first time. But if you are unlucky and doesn’t pass your practical test, then you will be able to rebook with us. Just make us a call and book our instructor to rectify your mistakes, another test can be done after training and evaluation of your faults. You have to wait for 10 working days then you can book immediately with us.

Q) I have passed my theory test, is it cheaper?

If you have passed your theory test for the very first time, then there is no need to pay the theory test fee (£35). Our prices include the cost of the practical driving test, we just add on £35 if you need us to book you for a theory test.

Q) Can I realistically pass in one week?

Yes! If you are doing best and completing your practice hours in the week, you can pass your theory test. If you pass it, then you will have your license!

Q) How do I go about booking the course and how do I pay?

You can book our services during 24/7 by using the online booking form, you can call or email us for more information. Payments can be made with a debit or credit card or we can email you an invoice to pay the same way.

Q) Are deposits fully refundable?

If we cannot fulfil your booking, yes, deposits are 100% refundable, if you would like to ask more about our services, then call us and ask a few more.

Q) How do I know your instructors are safe?

All our instructors are fully licensed and tested by the competent authorities, they have passed FBI and BCA background checks. All our employees have a clean driving record and there is no need to have concerns about them.

Q) How do I book my first lesson?

You can book online now or call the office on 07899448844 daily.